Parolanızı unuttuysanız veya aygıtınızın etkisizleştirildiğini bildiren bir ileti aldıysanız parolanızı kaldırmak için aşağıdaki adımları izleyin.

      iPhone etkisizleştirildi ekranı

iOS aygıtında art arda altı kez yanlış parola girerseniz aygıtınız kilitlenir ve aygıtınızın etkisizleştirildiğini bildiren bir ileti alırsınız. Bu durumda ne yapılacağını öğrenin.

Öncelikle aygıtınızı nasıl sileceğinizi seçin

Parolanızı unutmadan önce yedekleme oluşturmadıysanız aygıtınızın verilerini kurtarmanın yolu yoktur. Bu durumda aygıtınızı silmeniz gerekir. Aygıtınızla beraber tüm verileriniz ve ayarlarınız da silinir. Parolanızı kaldırabilmek için aygıtınızı nasıl sileceğinizi seçin:

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This is the reason why it is important to approach a professional to unlock your phone so that you can use the cheapest and the best sim card in the device. We can unlock all makes and models of phone quickly and efficiently. This is also beneficial if you are visiting another country and want to use local sim card to avoid expensive roaming charges. No matter what the reasons may be, we are here to offer you the unlock phone services at the most competitive price in the market.

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Cell phones falling into water are comically common and disturbing at the same time. It needs some quick action as well as damage control. In order to salvage the situation, there are a few things that you can do. Get it out of water quickly and dismantle all parts. The SIM card should be saved first as it contains all data. The device should be put into absorbing towels and dried off.

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Recovering data from SIM card

When it comes to the First and Second generation of the iPhone, you have to first take out the SIM tray with a small paperclip. Then remove the screws on both sides of the charging spot and take off the back cover using a little force. Detach the ribbon cable that connects the case to the motherboard and remove the display panel using a spudger. The motherboard had to removed after you have located and removed about 8 screws and a “4” ribbon cable.

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Tablets offer much more flexibility and convenience to people than phones does. From watching movies, reading books, creating presentations for work, talking to clients on Skype while on the move to keeping themselves entertained with games and connecting with friends and families through social media, there is nothing that tablets cannot do. Thus, if your tablet is broken or is not working, you want it repaired quickly.

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Replacing broken screen

Mobiles phone have become an inseparable part of our lives. We can now surf the web, log onto our social networking websites or just carry out leisure activities for hours on your phones without getting bored.  But, what happens if you are just quietly going through your Whatsapp messages and before you can realize the phone just slips through your hand and its screen shatters to thousand pieces.

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Samsung S4 users might want to unlock their phones in order to change carriers. This happens when they are either dissatisfied with the present one or might want to visit another country and use the local network. The first step is to contact you current carrier to see if they will do it for you. If they don’t agree, go to a third party with the IMEI number of the device. This might make the phone warranty void. A lot of online and offline

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